Intro to STORYBOARDING with Peter Paul Feb 18 – Apr 21 7:30-10:30 $499

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 Storyboarding is an essential part of film and television production. This course will focus on the fundamentals of storyboarding with an emphasis on boarding for television. Students will learn the basics to transform a script into a visual story and create storyboards of their own. Peter Paul will share tips on portfolio presentation and working in the animation industry.

Peter Paul has worked as a story artist at DreamWorks, Disney, Illumination, Warner Bros and more. He has been an Assistant Director, Assistant Animator, Character, Prop and Background Designer on various productions. He recently worked on Warner Bros’ Green Eggs & Ham series for Netflix and a TV pilot for Fox at Bento Box. Currently working on the animated feature The Ugly Dolls Movie at STX Entertainment.

Materials list:
Both Traditional (pencil, paper) or digital (iPad, Cintiq) are acceptable. Imagination and determination.

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