What Are SILA Members Doing? Bill Robles, one of our Lifetime Achievement Members Is In A Film!

The Illustrated Courtroom: From Manson to #MeToo


The Illustrated Courtroom presents: An Evening with Bill Robles. Though illustrations from Elizabeth Williams, a past SILA member and Aggie Whelan Kenny will also be showcased, Bill Robles is our featured artist for the event. In addition to the gallery display of their work, we will be screening exclusive footage and behind the scenes looks at the documentary and Bill’s interview, hosting a Q&A with Bill about his prolific career and the film, and holding a silent auction of several prints – all with hors d’œuvres and light refreshments throughout the night. The event is happening on November 16th from 6pm-9pm in the Bill Bordy at 5960 Sunset Blvd. Tickets can be purchased at the link below, and if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!




[Below is information on the event held on the East coast]


Note: all artwork ©Bill Robles and cannot be used without permission of the artist.






The East Coast event took place on November 3, 2019

at the The Revere Hotel Boston Common in Boston:

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