Yingying “Kan” Zhou

Kan is an illustrator, and visual designer based in Seattle, Washington. She holds a Master’s of Fine Arts in web design and new media from the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco, CA. For the last ten years, she has been actively working in the game industry. Her scope of work includes character design, promotional arts, and graphic design. She has tremendous experience working on illustrations and promotion material for games, including titles such as Arena of Valor, Food Fantasy, Arknights, and Girls’ Frontline: Project Neural Cloud.

Her works have also been selected and awarded by American Illustration, 3×3 International Illustration Awards, and Infected by Art. Her artworks also appear in multiple galleries such as Q Pop and Gallery Nucleus and the Artist Lodge.

Kan’s passion is using her work to express emotions through her art and design and to have a conversation with her audience. She believes that visual design & communication is the key to exchanging ideas with others in the community.