Tian Gan

Tian’s work are mostly created through digital ways, like 2D digital painting or drawing, or
3D modeling. Working in the entertainment industry, Tian loves to design and create imaginary environments, characters, and creatures for video games, animation and film. She has the distinctive ability to design the lighting and set dressing for environment concept arts. She blends familiar and unfamiliar to create the endless possibility of imagination. She pays attention to every detail in real life, so as to create a scene that evokes the emotional connection with the audience. She also has a distinguished ability to summarize and create shape language to show her imagination.

  • tian-gan-tian-gan-90s-chongqing copy
    tian-gan-tian-gan-90s-chongqing copy
  • TianGan-Dragon Island 01 copy
    TianGan-Dragon Island 01 copy
  • TianGan-Dragon Island 02 copy
    TianGan-Dragon Island 02 copy
  • tian-gan-04-the-town-where-alec-can-not-return copy
    tian-gan-04-the-town-where-alec-can-not-return copy
  • TianGan-LosAngeles2080 copy
    TianGan-LosAngeles2080 copy