Ray Harris

Raymond Allan Harris was born in Missouri and moved with his family often before settling in California. His father, Joe, worked for NASA and helped put a man on the moon. His mother, Thelma, raised six children and encouraged Ray’s interest in art at an early age.

Ray received a BFA in Illustration Design from Art Center College of Design and went on to work at Walt Disney Feature Animation for over twenty years. Working as a freelance artist, Ray embraced the digital age with clients around the globe.

His love of drawing and painting has propelled him forward, working in Hollywood as a storyboard artist and illustrator. He also developed a name for himself as a painter, printmaker, ceramicist, and caricature artist.

“It has been a rewarding journey, making friends along the way. Fellow teachers, artists, film-makers, all sharing a common goal: to keep the spirit of drawing and learning alive. I am challenged by an inner search for good design, color and drawing. I have established my individual vision with a casual confidence which comes after years of hard work and preparation.”

  • Egor
    character design
    paper silhouette
  • Gia On The Move
    Gia On The Move
    digital 2d
  • Caricatures
    digital illustration
  • From Memory
    From Memory
    Summer Laundry
    oil on canvas
  • Gallery Composition
    Gallery Composition
    Young Artist
    Oil Painting
  • Target practice
    Target practice
    Circus Performance
    Target Practice
  • Live Painting
    Live Painting
    .Hollywood Actress
    .Oil painting
  • Surfers
    paddle out Memorial
    oil painting
  • On Location
    On Location
    Coconut Worker
  • Design Work
    Design Work
    Tropical prints
  • Live Caricature Drawing
    Live Caricature Drawing
    Simpson Caricatures
    markers and prismacolor