Perry Stewart

Perry Stewart has been illustrating and teaching at the university level for the past 32 years and working as a professional illustrator for 36 years. He has been teaching at Utah Valley University for the past 22 years. He has completed hundreds of illustrations for various clients throughout the U.S. He has received professional recognition from the New York Society of Illustrators, the Society of Illustrators Los Angeles (SILA) and from the “Illustrators of Utah” exhibits. In 2018 he received a Gold Award for one of his illustrations from SILA. He is passionate about the rich history of art, particularly: the Renaissance, the19th Century and the comprehensive History of Illustration. He began his career in the editorial magazine market and now spends most of his time painting caricatures, portraits and landscape paintings. He teaches a variety of illustration courses including head and figure, drawing and painting courses. And recently joined a new area teaching in the Entertainment Design degree in the Art and Design Department. Most of the work he completes is in traditional media, and includes the human figure, but he does spend a fair amount of time painting digitally as well.

  • Barber Visit :Before and After
    Barber Visit :Before and After
    Reinhold Messner
    Caricature of Reinhold Messner for an outdoor themed barber shop.
  • Figure Study
    Figure Study
    Life Drawing
    I teach life drawing at Utah Valley University
  • First POTUS
    First POTUS
    Caricature of George Washington