Marcia Adams Ho

Marcia Adams Ho specializes in book illustration and produces fine art paintings in her studio. Recent publications with Marcia’s illustrations include Meet the Friendlies Getting to Know Your Good Bacteria, written by Dr Philippa Norman and The Tree Farmer’s Twelve Days of Christmas, by Aaron Burakoff, and Dandeia written by Zachary Geaber. Digital, acrylic, and pen and ink are her mediums. Finding the visuals to add to the story is where Marcia finds her inspiration.

  • 1-C-Night-Window-a39d6c56
    Preview of upcoming book
    A possom sets out on his nightly search for something yummy digital
  • Underwater-Microbes-c7bbaf84
    Underwater Microbes from Meet the Friendlies
    Water is filled with microbes and helps produce oxygen. A young girl collects samples. digital
  • 4_Illustration-Dandeia-in-the-blueberry-bush-fa8b9ff3
    Dandeia in the blueberry bush
    Dandeia, a From Dandeia written by Zachary Geaber digital
  • 2_Illustration_One-hungry,-one-bug-bite,-one-thirsty-fed7d2c8
    One Hungry, One Bite, One Thirsty
    From Dandeia written by Zachary Geaber digital
  • Illustration-11-Microbe-shapes-9cd2070e
    Microbe Shapes
    From Meet the Friendlies written by Dr Philippa Norman, digital
  • Illustration-11-Taggers-0624443d
    Eleven Taggers Tagging
    From The Tree Farmer's Twelve Days of Christmas written by Aaron Burakoff, digital
  • Illustration-1-A-seed-to-grow-a-new-tree-e33c9089
    First day of Christmas, a seed to grow a new tree
    The tree Farmer's Twelve Days of Christmas written by Aaron Burakoff digital
  • Hamster-Finding-Freedom-f0008482
    A Hamster Finds Freedom
    From Fireflies acrylic on board
  • Illustration-7-Misspelled-name-fd5eb822
    Misspelled Name!
    From You Can Call Me Katelyn by Keri Collinsacrylic on board
  • Clive James_Hedcut-34166d6d
    Clive James_Hedcut-34166d6d
    Clive James Hedcut
    Book Cover hedcut digital
  • St.-Lukes-of-the-Mountains-a494b45d
    St. Lukes pen and ink