Emily Schwartz

Emily Schwartz is an illustrator with a hybridized fine art and illustration practice in Los Angeles, CA. She is currently employed as a fashion designer in the streetwear industry, where she applies her illustrations to apparel graphics and has been refining her skills in cut-and-sew design. When she isn’t designing clothes at her office in Eagle Rock, she is in her industrial Downtown studio building her body of self-initiated works. Her work carries themes of femininity, closeness, opulence, mysticism, and abundance while utilizing a playful graphical style. Her visual vocabulary often touches on the marvels of nature, utilizing subjects such as tropical plants, dew drops, shells, stars, and nude figures. With her remaining free time, Emily finds meaning and inspiration in spending time with her fellow women artists and adorning the shell she calls home.

  • Almost There
    Almost There
    Editorial photos of my illustrations in application on clothing.
  • SFV
    Digital Illustration
  • Kelly As Knight
    Kelly As Knight
    Digital Illustration
  • Roseburg
    Mixed Media - Sculpey & Digital Illustration
  • Bravery
    Digital Illustration
  • Fantasy Farm
    Fantasy Farm
    Product photo of my illustration in application on clothing
  • Play
    Digital Illustration in collaboration with my 3-year-old niece Pia
  • Bud
    Digital Illustration
  • Keep Honking
    Keep Honking
    Editorial photos of my illustrations in application on clothing.
  • Sewn Together
    Sewn Together
    Digital Illustration
  • Transcendence
    Digital Illustration