Daniella Batsheva

Daniella Batsheva is a self-proclaimed “Illustrator with a design habit” whose aesthetic straddles the line between underground and mainstream. Her art boasts the beautiful intricate linework of traditional Victorian illustration mixed with dark imagery inspired by horror films.

Batsheva’s art has been published internationally. Her work can be seen everywhere from “Whole Foods” to London’s biggest punk venues. Batsheva has worked with brands such as Kerrang!, Pizza Girl, and multiple musicians such as Paris Jackson and Ben Christo (Sisters of Mercy). Her work has recently been featured at ArtExpo, New York, and The Crypt Gallery, London.

While her work can comfortably fit in multiple contexts, Batsheva’s work is always recognizable. Her main motivation is fostering local alternative communities and contributing to the future of illustration in Goth/Metal scenes. Batsheva is also passionate about researching obscure folklore from across different cultures in an effort to preserve legends that are at risk of being lost.

  • Green Day Hella Mega Tour
    Green Day Hella Mega Tour
    Kerrang! Illustrated Cover
    Illustrated poster for Eric 13 (Combichrist), Philadelphia, PA
  • Internal Struggle
    Internal Struggle
    Artavita Finalist, Art Expo NY
  • Storming the Gates
    Storming the Gates
  • Merciless Waters
    Merciless Waters
    Illustrated Book Cover
  • Skirting Spectres x Trashville
    Skirting Spectres x Trashville
    Afterparty Poster for "Skirting Spectres" Exhibition, The Crypt Gallery, London
  • Lizzie
    "Skirting Spectres" Exhibition, The Crypt Gallery, London
  • Doomtrodon
    Logo and Illustration, Art Direction by Simon Bisley, UK
  • Spangled Spectre
    Spangled Spectre
    "Skirting Spectres" Exhibition, The Crypt Gallery, London
  • Maayan
    Morbidly Beautiful Magazine
  • Burnout
    Kerrang! Editorial Illustration