Christopher Cruz

Christopher Cruz is a Filipino-American Illustrator and Artist based in Oakland, California who focuses on editorial illustrations and poster art through ink and digital mediums.

After serving time in the US Navy as an Aviation Electronics Technician, Chris Cruz went on to pursue illustration. He is currently attending California College of the Arts and will receive his BFA in Illustration in 2023.

  • Prison
    Ink and Digital
    Wanted to capture the emotions of animals while being held captive in zoos or for scientific research, stripped of their autonomy for the use of humans.
  • Swamp Thing_Christopher Cruz_AIAP-efd71c88
    Swamp Thing_Christopher Cruz_AIAP-efd71c88
    Ink and Digital
    The Swamp Thing. Mock Comic Book Cover for the Swamp Thing, Pen and Ink with Digital Colors.
  • Release
    Ink and Digital
    Illustration based on the feeling of release, breaking free, and freedom. Ink, Digital Colors.
  • Why Are The Fish Dying
    Why Are The Fish Dying
    Ink and Digital
    Pen and Ink with Digital Colors. Illustration inspired by the recent algal bloom in Lake Merritt that lead to the massive Die-Off of thousands of fish and other wildlife, most likely made more intense by the effects of climate change and the result of poor infrastructure.