Chinatsu Washikita

Hello everyone! My name is Chinatsu.

I am a Japanese illustrator based in Peru.
I draw children and animals, mainly for children’s picture books and books. All my works are digital, but the process of adding my own textures (painted on drawing paper with paint, colored pencils or crayons) is essential.
I want the children of the world to be happy with my work, this is my motivation for creating.

  • catcafe
    Cat cafe where cats work
  • mountaincat
    The cats live in a peaceful and bright forest
  • reading
    Cats spend rainy days reading books together.
  • cheerup
    Cheer up, I'm here for you.
  • cottoncandy
    A trendy cotton candy store has arrived!
  • easter bunny with a machine
    easter bunny with a machine
    In this day and age, even the Easter Bunny pilots a machine to do her job!
  • skatekids
    This is a playground in nature
  • march_pudding
    Fruits that are in season in March go very well with pudding and ice cream. Smil
  • may_childrensday
    Children's Day is a Japanese event in May. Who doesn't wish for the healthy growth of children?
  • umbrella and rainwear
    umbrella and rainwear
    Even if it's raining, it doesn't matter as long as I have my favorite big umbrella and bright rainwear.
  • nutcracker
    The Nutcracker and the Mouse King