Amal Karzai

Amal’s work covers a spectrum of books, magazines, posters and cover art.
Her work is influenced by a lifelong interest in history, multi-culturalism, and any excuse to research a good story. A fascination with various materials stems from her studies in the conservation of art on paper and is frequently incorporated into her paintings.

  • Once Found
    Once Found
    Canticles V Chapter heading
    Oil on Canvas
  • Study for Captain
    Study for Captain
    BlackSails Ray Stevenson
    Oil on Board
  • Limited Choices
    Limited Choices
    Propel: interior art
    Oil on Canvas
  • Canticles II
    Canticles II
    Chapter heading
    Oil on canvas
  • Warrior Now
    Warrior Now
    Cover art
    Oil on canvas
  • Anonymous1
    Oil on canvas
  • Anika's Firebird
    Anika's Firebird
    MG chapter heading
    oil on canvas