Member of the Week – Michi Doan

Sep 10, 2023 | Featured Member, News

Autumn Fox


Art has always been a way for Michi to express her emotions. She started out drawing trees because she likes the environment and nature. Over time, she developed aspects of magic into her artwork, incorporating dreams, mystical creatures, and beings. Her goal is to bring joy to her audiences while expanding her ability to tell stories through art. She creates paintings that attract fine art collectors and local customers who love nature and fantasy to bring peace and calm into their homes.





Currently, she is working on her third art book, travels to various conventions across the states, and has her works at Margaret Lane Gallery in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

Michi Doan at booth


Instagram: @michidoan

Cat FishChrysanthemum


Illusion Window

Moonlight City

Winter Lotus

Sunset Medow

© no artwork displayed can be used without permission of the artist, Michi Doan.