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Aug 19, 2023 | Featured Member, News

the greatest gift

anna greets the christ child I create traditional and electronic theaters of the mind, written, spoken and seen.

Now retired, I worked for decades in the traditional and computerized web, gallery, print, training and presentation markets for local firms, multinational corporations and federal government agencies. I continue to create national and international award-winning projects, including website consulting, design, creation, and maintenance; developing
dynamic content management systems; traditional and digital illustration; gallery work; graphic design; presentation production; and writing. My focus is on delivering products that stand out in the marketplace, attract business, represent the client positively, are attractive to the user, and close sales.

blessingsMy picture book, Remembering the Child, won rave reviews from New York Times and Amazon best seller James Gurney. My novels include the Welltower young adult scifi thrillers “First Run”, “Second Run”, “Final Run”, and “Selda’s Run”.

I continue to teach and lecture before live and televised audiences on communication, writing, the visual arts, and human empowerment and motivation.

Ultimately, my goal is to help bring people to Christ.

Artist’s statement:
We are not alone. Everything about us results from the efforts of
others—the homes we live in, the food we eat, the roads we drive on, and the clothes we wear. Our schools, our government, our churches, our jobs, even our lives exist because of the efforts of others.

Our obligation in living on this planet is to give back. We do this by giving thanks and preparing the ground for others. Kindness, patience, thoughtfulness, love and sacrifice bring this about. Our daily efforts
to develop these traits help us rise above our animal passions and mark our progress as humans. Our relationship with God raises us infinitely more.

This is our obligation, challenge, and pleasure and the purpose and point of all we do. It is why I create.

loving your enemieson the cross




silver and gold have i none

while mary sleeps


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