Member of the Week Jenn Steffey

Nov 19, 2023 | Featured Member, News

Jenn Steffey-2Jenn Steffey is an award-winning illustrator, zine maker and graphic designer working out of her studio
in San Diego with her small dog Pogo.

She has shown work with the San Diego Art Institute, Visual Gallery, Art on 30th, The Spanish Village Art Center, Bread & Salt, Hill Street Country Club,  New York Public Library, American Museum of Natural History, Soho 20 Gallery and Urban Folk Art.

Her approach to art is quick and expressive, using watercolor, gouache and ink to highlight her subjects. This style lends to unique blending and bleeds, which can take on a life of their own. The uncertainty of the medium is what draws her to this style of image making.

Once the image is finished it is scanned on a flatbed. There is some touch up on the computer, but 90% of the image is done analog.



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Jenn Steffey

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