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Feb 11, 2024 | Featured Member, News

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Chiara Vercesi is an award-winning illustrator from Milan (Italy) currently based in Amsterdam. She has gained international recognition for her editorial and advertising illustrations, with a strong emphasis on science and environmental themes.

Her work can be found in publications and advertising campaigns across the world. She’s also been spotted giving lectures at universities in The Netherlands and the US, teaching creative practice on Domestika, and mentoring new creatives with The Arena.


Hope_in_crisis Final

Hope in Crisis – The opioids Epidemic Editorial Client: William & Mary University Art Director: Michael Bartolotta

Her most recent Awards include the World Illustration Awards category winner (Advertising 2022, Science & Technology 2023), American Illustration 42, Communication Arts 64, and SOI 64. As well as being selected for SOI 66 and Illustration West 62. In a previous life, she worked as a designer and art director in a digital agency, as an illustrator and concept artist for different boardgame companies, and in 2018 she co-founded Sail Ho collective with a bunch of friends.

Dengue in Latin America

Dengue in Latin America

Dengue Transmission in Latin America Editorial Client: The Lancet Infectious Diseases

Chiara works mainly digitally, but she keeps filling piles of sketchbooks with ideas for personal projects and daily drawing exercises, which one day, hopefully, she’ll find the time to finalize.

Scientific American Fungal Threat

Health Equity_Covid Vaccine

Innovations in Health Equity Editorial Client: Scientific American Art Director: Michael Mrak


Innovations in Environmental Health Equity Editorial Client: Scientific American Art Director: Michael Mrak

Human Dignity Series_Cover

The Human Dignity Series Awareness campaign Client: Porticus


Biodiversity Awareness campaign Client: Navdanya International










Hand Hygiene_Hospital guidelines

Implementation of Hand Hygiene in Healthcare facilities Editorial Client: The Lancet Infectious Diseases



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Chiara Vercesi

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