Meet the Illustration West 62 Award Winners: Gianluca Foli

May 20, 2024 | News



Gianluca FoliGianluca Folì is an award-winning italian illustrator who lives and works in Rome. He likes pizza but doesn’t play the mandolin. In more than 20-years of his career, Gianluca has pursued a path of study, of gaze, of search for his own intimate vocabulary. He explores the connection with things, visually referencing the objective correlative in the poetry of Thomas Eliot and Eugenio Montale which clearly represents emotions through things and the breaking of the boredom of everyday life.

Gianluca’s images stem from this narrative, transformed into shapes and colours by an alchemical process, with elegant momentum and modulation of the visual. The creative force of his images is balanced by a tightrope walking technique, in a happy and magical balance between drawing and color, between reality and the surreal.

The arrival at a more direct code, made of synthesis and simplification, suggesting and evoking rather than simply representing.










© no artwork displayed can be used without permission of the artist, Gianluca Folì.