Illustration West 59

Feb 6, 2021 | Exhibitions, News


I am very pleased to announce that after the efforts of the past year and a half of organizing and facilitating Illustration West 59, the exhibition is now OPEN! We welcome you to view the inspiring work accepted into the online exhibition by CLICKING HERE!

Over 1,100 entries from around the world were submitted in this year’s competition, and our wonderful nine judges donated their time and expertise to determine the best of what was submitted for display in the exhibition, as well as choosing the winners of the awards. Thank you to Drew Struzan, Kadir Nelson, C.F. Payne, Claire Keane, Jason Seiler, Suzy Hutchinson, Mike Mignola, Charles Kochman, and Justin Gerard for their generosity in being a part of this year’s jury.

The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles is pleased to congratulate the following artists upon the achievement of winning this year’s awards:

Joseph Morgan Henninger Award – Best of Show 

James Martinez

Patrick Nagel Award for Excellence

Fatinha Ramos

Advertising Category

Gold – Brad Holland

Silver – FLuX

Bronze – Patrick Faricy

Honorable Mention – Martin French

Book Category

Gold – Robert Carter

Silver – Antonio Caparo

Bronze – Douglas Bell

Honorable Mention – Edward Kinsella III

Cartoon Category

Gold – Bob Lizarraga

Silver – Nancy Ohanian

Bronze – Pat Higgins

Honorable Mention – Pat Higgins

Children’s Market Category

Gold – Fatinha Ramos

Silver – Johan Papin

Bronze – Greg Newbold

Honorable Mention – Claudia Leal

Editorial Category

Gold – Mark Smith

Silver – Brian Stauffer

Bronze – Greg Newbold

Entertainment & Visual Development

Gold – Gregory Manchess

Silver – Heather Vaughan

Bronze – Kaining Wang

Honorable Mention – Ken McCuen

Gallery Category

Gold – Dale Stephanos

Silver – Gregory Manchess

Bronze – Bernard Lee

Honorable Mention – Edward Abrams

Graphic Novels and Comic Books Category

Gold – Erik Gist

Silver – Erik Gist

Bronze – Jerome Walford

Honorable Mention – Erik Gist

Institutional Category

Gold – Fatinha Ramos

Silver – Bartosz Kosowski

Bronze – Eugenia Mello

Honorable Mention – Michael Hirshon

Student Category

Gold – Douglas Bell (the Phillip Hays “I love it. I think it’s terrific.” $1000 Scholarship)

Silver – Andrew Lee (the Elin Waite & Dick Oden $750 Scholarship)

Bronze – Margaux Medwin (the Bill Tara $500 Scholarship)

Unpublished & Self Promotional Category

Gold – Carissa Susilo

Silver – Brad Holland

Bronze – Gregory Manchess

Honorable Mention – Carissa Susilo

Thank you to all who entered this year’s competition, and we welcome your participation in what will be The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles’ historic 60th annual Illustration West competition when we launch Illustration West 60 later this year!

Enjoy the show!

Chad Frye

Illustration West 59 Show Chair