Ron Velasco: Character Design for Storytelling ~ a beginning character design class $499 April 4 – June 6 ~ 7pm to 10pm

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Course Schedule:
Week 1 – Intro to Character Design. What is Character Design? We will cover principles in design and what makes a character appealing. I will cover design ideas, which we will go more in depth in the following weeks. We will draw from an in class model. (ask Ron for quick update if you missed the first class!)

Week 2 – Homework Critique. Discuss Line of Action. What is a good silhouette? We will discuss the idea of proportions in designs, straights against curves. Introduction to drawing with shapes.

Week 3 – Homework Critique. What is Story? What is your character’s story? We will dive into story and narrative and how these elements drive a character. We will also discuss what are Character Archetypes.

Week 4 – Homework Critique. Introduction to costume and use of props. Adding details to your character’s story. We will discuss types of folds, volume and asymmetry. We will draw from an in class model.

Week 5 – Homework Critique. Lecture on squash and stretch. We will explore another shape and its meaning.

Week 6 – Homework Critique. Character head design. We will cover shape when designing heads. We will also cover character expressions.

Week 7 – Homework Critique. Character turns. We will go over how to create character turns. We will emphasize the importance of drawing volume and the use of basic drawing fundamentals. We will draw from an in class model.
Week 8 – Homework Critique. In class Character design. Further exploration on squash and stretch. We will draw from an in class model.

Week 9 – Homework Critique. In class Character design. Pushing designs and exaggerations to take the story into the next level.

Week 10 – Final Critique. Bring all work and designs. Portfolio questions and closing thoughts.

**Materials and Supplies: Sketchbook for notes, 1 ream 11×17 bond paper or 16 field animation paper or 9×12 drawing pad, drawing board, primascolor pencils (indigo blue, carmine red, black) pencil sharpener, blue col-erase pencils, graphite pencils, eraser, kneaded rubber eraser, pen, markers, sharpie pens.

  • In Class Models:
    • Week 1
    • Week 4
    • Week 7
    • Week 8
    • Week 9

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