What Are SILA Members Doing? Remo Camerota is “paying tribute to doctors, nurses and frontline workers”….


As a visual artist I am in the same boat as everyone else. We are living in unprecedented times and the outlook is not clear for any of us. It is so easy to get bogged down in uncertainty, anxiety, boredom and depression. Lost in the mundane and fear that we won’t get back on our feet. We all feel this way.

So recently I decided to put my skills to good use and good intentions and decided to create something that can bring some benefit to essential workers. At the same time fill my need to create.

Our doctors, nurses and frontline workers are putting their lives at risk everyday. I wanted to pay tribute to them, and so ‘We can be heroes’ depicts an all powerful doctor/nurse, standing proud while helping our citizens. A new kind of Wonder Woman. The title also suggests that we can all be heroes by doing something to help. And of course it is a great song by David Bowie.

This is number one in the new series. An illustration started on paper, moved to adobe illustrator and finished in photoshop.  There is a limited edition 18 x 24” print, numbered and signed.

Proceeds go to CEDARS-SINAI, non-profit hospital in LA and COVID-19 UCLA health fund. I chose these charities because they have come to my aid when I needed them most, so now its my turn to give back. With your help we can bring some relief to our frontline heroes, and add some color into your homes.

The world is facing an unprecedented challenge. Communities and Economies everywhere are affected by the growing COVID-19 pandemic, and it is rising dramatically in our home state of California. So let us all be heroes and help stop the spread of the virus by continually creating and paying attention to what is most important. And I hope that I can inspire you to keep challenging yourself in these rare times.

Please stay safe and #keepCreating #keepGiving.

Grab yours before they sell out! You can pick up your limited edition print from www.remography.com and contact me for any info.


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