Today 2:00 pm – Warren Drummond Book Launch at Barnes and Noble, The Grove

Oct 21, 2023 | News

Renowned Live Action Storyboard Artist Warren Drummond* Launches His New Book, “A Hard Day’s Work,” at Barnes and Noble, The Grove

Los Angeles, CA – [10/21/2023] – Esteemed live-action storyboard artist, Warren Drummond, invites you to an exclusive book signing event at Barnes and Noble, The Grove, today at 2:00pm. Drummond, renowned for his illustrious career and contribution to the art of storytelling, will be unveiling his latest work, “A Hard Day’s Work.”

Joining Drummond are his exceptionally talented son, Joshua B Drummond, and the esteemed author Betty K. Bynum, each presenting their own acclaimed children’s books.

“A Hard Day’s Work” takes readers on a captivating journey through the intricate world of storyboarding, offering unparalleled insights into the creation of 15 iconic films and television shows. This event promises an evening of literary celebration and intellectual discourse, bringing together esteemed authors and avid readers in the heart of Los Angeles.

Following the book signing, a refined reception will be hosted at Nordstrom’s Bar Verde, providing attendees with an opportunity to engage with the authors and fellow enthusiasts in a sophisticated ambiance.

*Warren has been part of the Society’s Classes: Breaking Into Live Action Storyboarding.