SILA Member Ben Bensen: Outdoor Painting’s “Plein Airplanes” Article:

Outdoor Painting’s article Plein Airplanes includes SILA Member Ben Bensen:bensen-ben-star-5

Excerpt from article:

Ben Bensen III has longtime ties to aviation art as well. “I grew up in between two airfields — baby boomer for sure,” he says. “Sometimes, after church on Sunday, my dad would take me out to watch the ‘touch and goes’ of WWII and post-WWII aircraft at what is now Louisiana State University at New Orleans. I grew up building model airplanes. At first, I made the balsa wood kind that never seemed to grasp the concept of flight. But, as the plastic kits became more available, I started building and painting models for me as well as for all my friends. I really learned a lot about brushwork to make the model to look like the box-top art. Never in a million years could I imagine that I would meet the premier model box-top illustrator, Jack Leynnwood, teaching his painting skills at Art Center College of Design. I took every one of his classes I could.” See whole story at:

NOTE: Artwork © Ben Bensen. No reproduction allowed without consent of the artist.