RIP: Emeritus Member Diana Philbrook ~ January 12, 2017

I have just found out that Emeritus Member Diana Philbrook passed away this past year. My last communication with her was a response to SILA’s email for the 2017 dues.

Re: What Will You and SILA Be Doing in 2017?
11/5/16 to Society

Hi Alyce….

As an older (82) member who lives in Thousand Oaks, I do wish some of the meetings would be a bit further west!
It seems that SIla keeps moving further east…too far for me to attend -especially at night from TO.
I trust the younger generation will maintain the reputation and goals of Sila into the future. I’m not sure
“computer art” has enhanced illustration…miss the “Golden Age. Glad to see some drawing classes.


Some more information on Diana:

Biography (from
Diana, a longtime fashion illustrator, has moved into the children’s art world. Besides a line of One of a Kind children’s paintings, she has illustrated and published books on values, posters for a music/language program and various teen books.
Her specialty of depicting people of all ages extends to portraiture as well.
Philbrook & Associates is a collaboration of her Art Director husband and designer son who as a team provide distinguished art from expressive people illustration and fine art painting to graphic design for business and advertising.From concept and layout to the final digital product, we are an experienced design company with a proven record of success.
Diana, a member of the national Society of Illustrators, has several paintings hanging in the Pentagon.