Podcast: Baby Steps 3 – Money Matters

Audio recording of SILA Panel Series, “Baby Steps 1, 2, 3”, featuring industry professionals offering advice for budding entrepreneurs in the visual arts.

Hosted by SILA President, Joe Cepeda and SILA Web Chair Evan Ferrell

Guest Panelists:
Larry Olney (tax preparer)
Maria Piscopo (mpiscopo.com)
Joshua Kemble (joshuakemble.com)

October 29, 2011
in the Community Room at the Sherman Oaks Galleria in Sherman Oaks, CA

This panel discussion will cover the basics of dealing with money and legalities that are an indispensable part of being a successful illustrator. Topics covered will include how to manage your profits, how to operate a small business, dealing with taxes, budgeting, and developing excellent saving and spending habits.