Steven Van Hasten

Illustration is capturing a snapshot, a point where everything comes together and where new events arise. It is a theater made up of different stages, filled with people and animals, sometimes socially critical, sometimes light-hearted, but always with a wink. My inspiration comes from the people around me, I just have to leave my studio and the world full of characters comes to me. Then it is only a matter of pouring the acquired impressions into an illustration. I usually work traditionally with acrylic paint, colored pencil or watercolor, but I am also not averse to the ease of use of digital media.

  • How to deal with sustainability?
    How to deal with sustainability?
    CFO magazine. For this illustration I combined a parody of Da Vinci's 'The Last Supper' with 'America's Got Talent'.
  • A struggle for equality.
    A struggle for equality.
    CFO magazine. Connections are made between all possible different people,
  • Evolution
    Darwin and evolution in finance.
    Much has changed in recent decades, but some principles remain valid. Those who adapt best to a changing world have the best chance of survival. Darwin already knew it and it is still valid.
  • Tsunami and other disasters
    Tsunami and other disasters
    Problemsolving for dummies
    Every company gets into a storm at some point. The question is how do you deal with it. How do you turn the disaster around and can you possibly even turn it around to your advantage?
  • Communication
    Delegating tasks
    A CFO faces many challenges, and in order to successfully complete them, he needs a whole range of reliable personnel. And most importantly, he must know how to delegate certain tasks to the right employees. He makes use of all old and new media.
  • Clouds
    Mental health
    How can you help people with mental problems.
  • Bat out of Hell
    Bat out of Hell
    Meat Loaf
    A tribute cover for Meat Loaf who was died a week before. It is a parody of his famous cover.
  • The Stradivaripuss Job
    The Stradivaripuss Job
    The scarecrow
    Illustration for a chapter in a children's book. The main illustrations are painted in color while the chapter illustrations are sober pencil drawings. The book takes place in a world ruled by cats.
  • A comic book hero
    A comic book hero
    Lucky Luke 75
    An ode to the comic book hero Lucky Luke who celebrated his 75th birthday. I combined the cartoon character with a movie poster of 'The usual suspects'. There are many references hidden in the drawings that will make avid readers smile.
  • Biography
    The naked surgeon
    The life of a spinal surgeon in 20 drawings. The surgeon had a rather eventful life, traveling the world, getting into dangerous situations but always being a surgeon first and foremost. A biography but with a sense of suspense!
  • The history of music
    The history of music
    Music Graphics
    An illustration about music, there are 7 links hidden in the drawing.