Sheridan Lalicker

Sheridan Lalicker is a surrealistic portrait artist and music fanatic from Orange County. She is a junior in the Illustration department at Cal State Fullerton and will spend her time in college producing a professional portfolio and establishing her brand identity.

Sheridan works with a variety of traditional media including watercolor, acrylic, graphite, ink, and colored pencil. She enjoys creating the illusion of three-dimensional space on a 2D surface by collaging and layering her artwork behind illustration board to enhance its depth. While most of her work is surrealistic, Sheridan’s illustrative style emphasizes shape language through a graphic approach in watercolor, colored pencil, and paint marker.

In the near future, Sheridan hopes to work in the music industry as a professional album cover illustrator and merch designer. With her passion for music, she aspires to be the “Drew Struzan” of the music industry by reviving traditional art techniques in the commercial market.

Although Sheridan’s art is left up to interpretation, she is inspired by storytelling songwriters, environmental awareness, and human expression. For Sheridan, it’s about creating art that inspires others to think twice about what they’re looking at… because maybe there’s something beyond the canvas.

If you’d like to check out Sheridan’s ever-expanding body of work, visit her instagram and website

  • I'm Suffering Inside Your Magic
    I'm Suffering Inside Your Magic
    watercolor, watercolor pencil, acrylic paint, glow in the dark paint, illustration board, and glitter mod podge on 22 x 30" canvas
    When you're told by a mentor you have technical art skills but no creativity, you take a step back, reflect, and keep painting. This piece was the brainchild of some tough criticism I received during the Spring 2022 academic semester. After hearing my mentor’s comment, I felt belittled as an artist and completely changed the trajectory of my final project for class. I spent the remaining weeks of school as just a vessel for my art, seemingly disconnected from my mind and body— as reflected in this piece. Nevertheless, I persisted and turned this in at the end of the semester, receiving an A+ on the painting. But this journey wasn’t about a letter grade; because I’m still grasping for my creative mind, and sometimes I find it’s trapped behind glass…
  • Memento Mori
    Memento Mori
    watercolor on 22 x 22" watercolor paper
    Inspired by themes of Memento Mori or "reminders of death" from the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance, this still life provokes the viewer to contemplate the fleeting elements of time.
  • Wild Love
    Wild Love
    acrylic paint, colored pencil, paint pen, paper, and rhinestones on 16 x 20" canvas
  • Millenia
    colored pencil on 7 x 7" illustration board
  • Fearless
    watercolor, watercolor pencil, acrylic paint, and ink on 18 x 24" watercolor paper
    Reversible artwork inspired by Taylor Swift's albums' "Fearless" and "Fearless (Taylor's Version)." I've meshed the new and original album covers, showing the progression of the album over the last 13 years.
  • Pop Culture Collection
    Pop Culture Collection
    watercolor, colored pencil, paint pen, and acrylic paint on 3.5 x 8" watercolor paper
  • Dauphin
    graphite, acrylic paint, collage, watercolor, ink, mod podge, and illustration board on 14 x 14" canvas
  • Eddie the Banished
    Eddie the Banished
    acrylic paint, spray paint, puffy paint, aluminum foil, newsprint, modeling paste, hot glue, and mod podge on a 14.5 x 41.5" Warlock electric guitar wood cutout
  • Society
    watercolor, gouache, colored pencil, acrylic paint, ink, illustration board, watercolor paper, cardboard, mod podge, and rhinestones on 14 x 18" canvas
  • Midnights
    watercolor, paint pen, colored pencil, acrylic paint, marker, and ink on layered 6 x 9" watercolor paper
    Poster art for Taylor Swift's Midnights album inspired by Alphonse Mucha.
  • Self Portrait of an Artist
    Self Portrait of an Artist
    watercolor, gouache colored pencil, nail polish, construction paper, and illustration board on 12 x 16" watercolor paper