Peter Cassell

Peter Cassell is a freelance illustrator living in the San Francisco Bay Area. He approaches his work with the determination of creating intriguing composition, design and character, as well as developing images conceptually to provide a meaningful exploration into the subject matter.

He earned his BS degree in design with an emphasis in illustration at SJSU. He worked for over 20 years in house for a design agency, working for a variety of tech clients like Adobe (he created the iconic Illustrator 10 image, among others) Cisco Systems, Zynga, Nomadic VR, Corsair, as well as some consumer brands like Anheuser-Busch, California Olive Ranch, Capcom, Kern’s, Levi’s and Stanford Health Care.

More recently he is pushing more into editorial, narrative, book, portrait and caricature, but is still open to whatever challenge is thrown at him. No matter the project, he enjoys helping his clients find a solution that makes them happy.