Lynore Avery

Lynore is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Sydney, Australia. Her background is in painting and graphic design. She is constantly trying to find a balance between the freedom and immediacy of drawing, and the precision and flexibility of computer-generated images. Working with paper, ink and pastel, she combines collage with digital painting and vector illustration.

For Lynore, creating images is about bringing stories to life. Her work contains recurring themes of folk tales and legends, dreams and archetypes – stories which awaken recognition within all of us.

Lynore is currently working on a graphic novel collaboration with Emmet O’Cuana, a comics writer based in Melbourne, Australia.

  • 01 best-bird_HERO
    01 best-bird_HERO
  • 02 Liquid-paranoia
    02 Liquid-paranoia
  • 03 labyrinth
    03 labyrinth
  • 06 SakkySnacks
    06 SakkySnacks
  • 07 CreatureWhoLovedMe
    07 CreatureWhoLovedMe
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    08 chestnut-king
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    09 BuckminsterFuller
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    09 FridaKahlo
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    09 MilesDavis
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