Julia Wolinsky

I have always been fascinated with capturing the real world and making work that represents the literal. I find that to be very interesting. I am drawn to patterns and like to create multiple portraits and drawings around a certain theme. I like my work to shine light on social issues or make people look at things a different way.

  • Peng_Shuai_Mock-61f64a0c
    Peng Shuai reported being sexually assaulted by a powerful Chinese man. Then she seemingly disappeared. This work is about her story.
  • Wolf in sheep's clothing
    Wolf in sheep's clothing
  • Soup Dumpling
    Soup Dumpling
    Example of food illustration
  • Two men wearing masks
    Two men wearing masks
  • Lady without mask
    Lady without mask
    One of a series of people wearing, and not wearing, masks
  • Oklahoma, California, Puerto Rico-2b136e3f
    Oklahoma, California, Puerto Rico-2b136e3f
    a piece about climate change and the dramatic weather changes
  • Australian Fires, 2019
    Australian Fires, 2019
    Work about the animals in danger from the Australian fires
  • Outdoor Dining in 2020
    Outdoor Dining in 2020
  • Until further notice-83c56fac
    Until further notice-83c56fac
    Portraits of closed businesses in San Francisco 2020