Judy Unger

Judy has been an illustrator since 1981 and has worked for virtually every major food company. She enjoys going shopping and seeing her work on numerous food packages.

Her technique is photorealistic. She works digitally and with dye/watercolors, colored pencil, and acrylic. Her illustrations have been published on packages, newspaper and magazine inserts, billboards, greeting cards, and fine-art prints and posters.

Judy was born in Los Angeles in 1959 and has been an artist all her life. While in Middle School, she drew mazes when she was bored. She was only 14 years old when she published her first book, an educational book that taught how to draw mazes.

She graduated from California State University, Northridge. Judy loved illustration, and especially painting with watercolor dyes. Her work was photorealistic, and food and florals were her favorite subject matter. Her portfolio targeted food companies and her specialty became food illustration.

Before her career became busy, she enjoyed teaching at California State University, Los Angeles, UCLA Extension, California State University, Northridge, and Otis-Parsons Art Institute.

Judy is also passionate about music. She began playing guitar again in 2010 and discovered that music brought her immense joy. Her inspirational story named “Beside Me Always” is available as a paperback and audiobook on Amazon and iTunes.

Her blogs: myjourneysinsight.com and Illustrating My Life have reached people all over the world. She performs regularly where she lives in Southern California.

Her comforting meditation music on Insight Timer has touched many people.