Feixue Mei

I create conceptual, iconic imagery, and rich narrative details. My work explores publications, illustrations, sequential arts, videos, installations, and performances. Internet culture, animation, comics, Surrealism, and Chinese folk decorative art are among the influences that shaped my intricate style. Cultures and visuals migrate and go across geographical boundaries through the internet and social media. Fluid identity, otherness, mistranslation, displacement, and the struggle to find one’s own community are important parts of my practice. By using adaptation, appropriation, and reproduction, I free symbols and visuals from their original contexts and put them into new narratives. I make the familiar become unfamiliar and open to various interpretations and meanings. With a strong desire to communicate, I believe in Maximalism – the philosophy of “more is more.” Information is overloaded on the internet, and we have many identities online and offline. Those identities and labels interact, struggle and fight with others and finally tell who we are.