Donna Letterese

After working for a couple of years as a Manhwa editor, I’ve spent the last five years working in freelance art and illustration, exhibiting in group gallery shows, making my own comics, illustration, and line of card-toon greeting cards. I also work as an arts educator, coming in to teach kids how to write and draw comics in afterschool programs, as well as at library workshops. It is a ton of fun!

With my own work, I’ve been published in some comic book anthologies, either as a writer/artist, or as the artist drawing someone else’s work. I’ve done illustrations for the BACSAC of Barnsdall Art Center, and comics for Hyperwerks, and Grayhaven Comics. My own illustration falls across a few styles, some cartoony, some stylized, some that are light-hearted and colorful, and others that are darker and more mature. I’m influenced by folk art and cartoons, but also artists like Raymond Pettibon and R. Crumb. Frequently, I work with ink (both Pentel Brush pens and smaller pen and ink or micron pens), ink and watercolor, ink and Tombo marker, Prismacolor, Prismacolor and Gouache, or a combination of everything.

I create handmade greeting cards and limited edition printed greeting cards, in both English and Spanish. I always want to tell stories with anything I draw, and I love puns and language, which often comes out in cards, fan art, or certain pieces that I draw.

I live in L.A. and exhibit at zine fests and fairs, but travel back and forth to NYC frequently, and exhibit in NYCC and Special Edition NYCC when I can.

Maybe most importantly, I have a not-so-secret obsessions with Koalas/Teddy-Bears. And, I am overall a fan of other Marsupials and Unusual Animals.