Brad Holland

Brad Holland is a Hall of Fame artist and writer whose most recent books are Sleeping Giant (Geant Endormi), 2021, a collection of 200 drawings published by Les Cahiers Dessines of Paris, and the Oscar Wilde fable The Happy Prince, published as a limited edition in 2016 by Nuages Editions of Milan. His editorial work has appeared in national and international publications and his drawings and paintings have been exhibited in museums around the world. In addition to his editorial and advertising work, he is currently at work on paintings for It Happened in Salem to be published in 2023 by Creative Editions and Such Stuff as Dreams for a 2023 book and exhibition at the Nuages Gallery. “Brad Holland has been one of the leading revolutionaries of American illustration,” Steve Heller has written. “He not only attacked the citadel of the illustration establishment, he has built a personal vocabulary that weds both classic and popular imagery and symbols to commercial art. In his hands illustration has become an artform to be reckoned with.”

  • B_Holland_The Dog Museum_SILA
    B_Holland_The Dog Museum_SILA
    The Dog Museum
    Book Cover
  • B_Holland_Twelfth Night SILA
    B_Holland_Twelfth Night SILA
    Twelfth Night
    Book Cover
  • Romeo and Juliet SILA
    Romeo and Juliet SILA
    Romeo and Juliet
    Book Cover
  • B_Holland_Advanced Life SILA
    B_Holland_Advanced Life SILA
    Changing Spots
    Cover for Advanced Life Magazine
  • Prophet Spread SILA
    Prophet Spread SILA
    The Prophet
    Painting for Rolling Stone Magazine
  • 2_Insanity Virus_Discover Magazine SILA
    2_Insanity Virus_Discover Magazine SILA
    I'm Not Me
    Painting for Discover Magazine
  • B_Holland_Fifth Business SILA
    B_Holland_Fifth Business SILA
    Frozen Village
    Book Cover
  • 11_B_Holland_USA_SILA
    Poster for international exhibition
  • B_Holland_Process Cover_SILA
    B_Holland_Process Cover_SILA
    Cover for Plan Sponsor Magazine
  • B_Holland_Authenticity_SILA
  • B_Holland_Moon SILA
    B_Holland_Moon SILA