Annelie McKenzie

Hi, I’m Annelie McKenzie, an artist based in Los Angeles. For a long time, I made glittery impasto oil paintings and showed them in galleries. These days, I focus on illustration, particularly editorial portraits that are painterly and realistic. I also love doing surface design, including textile patterns for clothing collections. Currently, I’m primarily seeking new illustration opportunities, but I’m open to other creative projects as well. My background includes a BFA from the University of Calgary in Canada and an MFA from California State University, Long Beach. Thanks for considering my work!

  • Kevin and Bryan
    Kevin and Bryan
  • Saffron
  • Jay
  • Hillary
  • Baptism by Fire
    Baptism by Fire
  • Jennifer
  • Jennifer Drawing
    Jennifer Drawing
  • Shannon
  • Companion Flowers Book Spread
    Companion Flowers Book Spread
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    Spot Illo
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    Miley and Dolly