Meet the Illustration West 62 Award Winners: Edward Flynn

May 5, 2024 | News



In 1987 Edward Flynn was one of a handfull of people to graduate from the newly formed Illustration program at SUNY Buffalo. After graduation, he moved from Buffalo to New York City but ironically spent the next two decades working in the New York City Advertising industry as a Graphic Designer. He did manage to slip in his illustration talents into jobs whenever possible but for the most part Graphic Design and Photo Retouching was what paid the bills. Granted he did have highlights now and then which made use of his illustration skills, such as the occassional spot illustration for the Village Voice and the The New York Press. He also landed a notable gig of creating a comic book for the director Darren Aronofsky which was for his first movie “Pi.”

When working over the web became more accessible, Edward Flynn decided to move to the Pacific Northwest in 2008 and continued to work as a graphic designer/retoucher with agencies from his new location.

However it wasn’t until 2019 that he decided to shift back to his original love of being an illustrator. Over the course of the last few five years, Ed has been working and slowly gaining traction towards that goal.

His creations have been regularly published by The American Bystander, and on a growing list of online sites such as LOL Comedy,, or Two-fity One. He has also published 4 books of his work, with a 5th to soon hit the shelves on Amazon, Goodreads and Indie book stores around the country.



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