Hartford Art School – Low Residency MFA in Illustration

The prestigious Low Residency MFA in Illustration program at the University of Hartford, Hartford Art School is the ONLY program of its kind dedicated exclusively to

Director, Murray Tinkelman, launched the Low Residency MFA in Illustration at HAS in July 2006 by building upon his life long experience in illustration and as an illustration educator for over fifty years in both the undergraduate and graduate programs at Syracuse University and Parsons School of Design. Notes Tinkelman, “The magic in the program is the quality of the students who come together to challenge themselves and to take their careers forward.”

Our students work face-to-face for two weeks each July for three consecutive summers with leading illustrators from throughout the country while continuing with their careers, their teaching, and their professional and personal commitments. We combine the classes at the Hartford Art School with travel across the United States while students are encouraged to nurture their creative intellect and advance their business, promotion, and marketing skills to the benefit of their illustration careers. In addition, students meet the requirements for a 60-credit MFA in Illustration – the standard for teaching at most colleges and universities – without disrupting their lives and careers.

We are proud to announce that we will be celebrating the graduation of our 5th class of illustrators, illustration educators and illustrator/graphic designers on the Campus of Hartford Art School July 22, 2011. Anyone who wishes to attend the HAS Artists Reception at the Joseloff Gallery from 5 pm to 7 pm on Friday, July 22 may do so by RSVP to tinkelman@hartford.edu. Please visit our new website which will be launched this spring and will include quotes from over 100 students and alumni regarding their experiences in this unique program.

In the meantime we invite you to visit our website to connect to our e-Brochure and our Blog, “Squint” to learn more about this program, explore student and faculty artwork, and see what everyone is talking about. You will be able to see a sampling of the faculty, guest speakers, contact period visits, program overview, and much, much more. To converse with our students and alumni, you can visit our Facebook page where prospective students can exchange their thoughts directly with the students and alumni who are a part of this ever-growing family of professionals.

Murray Tinkelman HAS MFA in Illustration

For more information about Murray Tinkelman and the MFA program, check out episode 63 of the Escape From Illustration Island podcast.