Everything You Need to Know About Pitching a Show with Caroline Foley 8/17/19 1pm-5pm $60

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In this three hour lecture/workshop you will learn the ins and outs of how to develop strong characters in both writing and design, and how to take those characters and compose them with an interesting story to make a pitch packet. The first half of the class will focus on character development and how both the writing and design process inform each other. Learn how to build a world around those characters, create interesting dynamics and tricks to make your character stand out. The second half will focus on the ins and outs of making an actual pitch packet with what to include, what not to include, and how to lean on your strengths. Pitching a show can feel like a daunting task, but once you know the basics of how to put together a proper pitch packet you’ll be able to pitch to any studio with confidence!

Caroline Foley is a 12 year industry veteran with a penchant for bringing characters and stories to life. After graduating Cal Arts in 2007 she climbed the ranks from art department intern to executive producer of her own original IP. She has worked on shows like Robot Chicken (art department), Bojack Horseman (storyboards/animations), and Rick And Morty (animation/character design) but her love of creating original characters and concepts came together with Toasty Tales, an original kids comedy pilot she created with Amazon.

Today, Caroline continues to create and pitch new ideas for herself and as story editor for the next big unannounced project from Spinmaster.