A Letter from Naomi Volain about Plants Go Global and her new page, Comics –

Dear Society of Illustrators Team:

I’m a student of Jim Higgins – I took his ‘Making Comics’ course. He inspired me to create a ‘Comics’ page for my website, Plants Go Global. I come to Comics as a teacher, realizing that Comics are an impactful way for people to learn. My Comics are on the website, and here’s the one that’s my introduction.

Plants Go Global is an educational initiative to connect people to plants as a hands-on solution to global change. As a science teacher I connected students to plants – planting seeds, doing scientific inquiry, outdoor field studies, horticulture, eating vegan lunches, and working in the greenhouse.

Comics is a new page, using graphic communication to help connect people to plants as a solution towards global sustainability.
Plants Go Global has changed. Stepping away from the business vibe, it is now purely educational. Follow Comics – I’m drawing and writing to maximize positive plant and planet impact with this fun teaching genre.

– All the best, Naomi Volain
Plant Lady

©2020 Naomi Volain