Illustration West 52 Has Been Judged!

postcard-6inx8in-h-frontOur Illustration West 52 judging panel, Alina Chau, Kevin Chen, James Gurney, Iain McCaig, Bill Perkins, Will Terry, Will Weston, William Wray and Dean Yeagle  have juried close to 1400 entries. They, along with Show Chair Santosh Oommen, had a tremendous challenge since the caliber of the work was so very high – which made the acceptance cutoff quite high as well. The feedback from the judges was overwhelmingly: great work!

The cutoff for this show was very high as well thereby making the number of entries accepted a little over 16% of the entries submitted. The Illustration West 52 website will launch this March in conjunction with the Illustration West 52 Art Exhibition to be held at the prestigious Center Stage Gallery (and official home of the Creative Talent Network, founded by Tina Price. We look forward to seeing you at the Opening Night on March 7th!

Below are the Award Winners  and Honorable Mentions:

Joseph Morgan Henninger Best In Show
Tyler Jacobson        (Son of Sardaar)

Patrick Nagel Award of Excellence
Jason Seiler        (Mother can you Spare a room)

Craig Elliott    Gold Award    (Forest Awakening)
Jeff Wack    Silver Award    (Pomona Swap Meet)
Mark Stutzman    Bronze Award    (Beer Boy)
Eric Deschamps    Honorable Mention    (Dragon’s Maze)

Entertainment/Visual Development 
Raymond Bonilla    Gold Award    (The Diary of Anne Frank)
Eric Deschamps    Silver Award    (Vanquish the Foul)
Raymond Bonilla    Bronze Award   ( Moon Over Buffalo)
Raymond Bonilla    Honorable Mention   ( Stop the World I WANNA GET OFF!)

Greg Newbold    Gold Award    (Grasshopper Hunter)
Bill Mayer    Silver Award   ( Sleeping With Fish)
Matthieu Forichon    Bronze Award    (Untitled)
Bill Mayer    Honorable Mention    (Reluctant Hors D’oeuvre)

Yue Wang    Gold Award    (Paradise)
Tyler Jacobson    Silver Award    (Crown of Swords)
Robert T. Barrett    Bronze Award    (Christmas from Heaven 6)
Robert T. Barrett    Honorable Mention   (Christmas from Heaven Cover)

Bill Mayer    Gold Award    (Fly Fishin’)
Gregory Manchess    Silver Award    (Martin Luther King, Jr.)
Jerry LoFaro    Bronze Award    (Face Off)
Bill Mayer    Honorable Mention    (Ch’an Chu: The Lucky Money Frog)

Children’s Market
Greg Swearingen    Gold Award    (Quinny and Hopper)
Renee Graef    Silver Award    (Art Center)
Hazel Mitchell    Bronze Award    (One Word Pearl)
Renee Graef    Honorable Mention    (Fireflies)

Unpublished & Self-Promotional 
James Bennett    Gold Award    (Ray Charles)
Peter Mohrbacher    Silver Award    (Wake)
Bill Mayer    Bronze Award    (Widow Mouse)

Jori van der Linde    Gold Award    (Drifting Memories)
Victor Maury    Silver Award    (Run For Your Buns)
Ai Zhang    Bronze Award    Untitled)

R. Leveille-Guay    Gold Award    (Petit Morte)
Steven E. Hughes    Silver Award    (The Butcher)
R. Leveille-Guay    Bronze Award    (Little Fish)

Graphic Novels/Comic Books 
Anton Emdin    Gold Award    (El Zombo pinup)
Alice Meichi  Li    Silver Award    (Unicorn)
Jennifer L. Meyer    Bronze Award    (Goodboy page 1)
Marc Scheff    Honorable Mention    (The Kiss)

Watch for the  launch of the Illustration West 52 website in March to see all the artists who were accepted.