This Wednesday! Arlen Schumer – July 26 at 7:00 to 9:30 Free Event

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Arlen at Comic-Con 2017 on his Jack Kirby/Neal Adams event:

Join The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles as they welcome renowned Comic Book Historian and member of The Society of Illustrators (of New York) ARLEN SCHUMER for an evening of comic book art history as you’ve never seen comics before! We’ll be at the Eagle Rock Art Center, 2225 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041 and then we’ll go to the Society at 5119 Eagle Rock Blvd. for a Meet and Greet.

Mr. Schumer will be fresh from his star turn at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con International, where he will have presented his multimedia “VisuaLecutre” (as he’s branded them) on the Centennial of the legendary comic book artist and storyteller JACK KIRBY (co-creator of the entire Marvel Comics superhero universe), and will not only be bringing that VisuaLecture to Los Angeles, but he’ll be pairing it with a presentation on the 50th Anniversary of the entry into the comic book field of another legendary comic book artist, NEAL ADAMS! Adams is best known for his radical 20th Century comic book transformations of DC Comics’ Batman and Marvel Comics’ X-Men that led to both franchises’ multi-platformed success in the 21st Century.
Though their drawing styles are on opposite ends of the comic book spectrum—Kirby’s hyper-exaggerated anatomy versus Adams’ photo-realistic figures—Adams’ visceral impact on the medium can be considered as great as Kirby’s. Come see Mr. Schumer’s distinctively dynamic dual presentations and see why!
In between VisuaLectures, Mr. Schumer will be signing copies of his hardcover coffee table book,
The Silver Age of Comic Book Art (Archway Publishing), that won the Independent Publishers Award for Best Popular Culture Book, and about which another legendary comic book artist and storyteller, and co-creator of both Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, STEVE DITKO said, “It is a unique achievement by Arlen Schumer, and will be an ongoing source of reference, study and enjoyment for everyone interested in comics.”

And don’t miss Arlen at Comic-Con this week!