Angela Hsieh


  • The Cavioliths
    The Cavioliths
    The Caviolith mountain range is a curious and oft-overlooked geozoological phenomenon. Despite its unique formations, research potential, and undeniable charm, it is often bypassed in favor of the charismatic Anuran Falls to the south. In recent years, scholars have begun to investigate the Cavioliths in depth, but much of it still remains a mystery; navigation is tricky, and maps must be updated each time one of its formations awakens to wander to a new location. Cavioliths are docile by nature and tolerate human presence. If you plan to visit during feeding season, make sure to bring earplugs to protect your hearing, as pre-feeding wheeking can reach thunderous levels.
  • NPR: International Adoption
    NPR: International Adoption
    For a piece on NPR about an adoptee's journey to find her biological family.
  • NPR: Book Concierge
    NPR: Book Concierge
  • NPR: Best Albums of 2018
    NPR: Best Albums of 2018
  • NPR: Green Spaces
    NPR: Green Spaces
    For a episode of NPR's Hidden Brain on the restorative power of natural spaces.
  • NPR: The Cassandra Curse
    NPR: The Cassandra Curse
    For an episode of NPR's Hidden Brain on the psychology of warnings.
  • NPR: Horror Readers Poll
    NPR: Horror Readers Poll
    Created for NPR's callout for submissions to their yearly summer reader poll.
  • Doujiang Youtiao
    Doujiang Youtiao
    When it comes to doujiang youtiao, the food itself—a steaming bowl of fresh soy milk and a crispy-on-the-outside-fluffy-on-the-inside stick of fried dough—is of course the main attraction, but the ambience is just as much a part of the experience. To wit: no doujiang youtiao breakfast is truly complete without you almost wiping out as you slide your way back to your table over tiles slicked with decades of fryer oil while a group of a-ma argue politics in a corner.

Angela is a Taiwanese-American illustrator whose life choices can mostly be explained by the fact that she likes goofy animals. She used to have an axolotl and eagerly awaits the day she can get another one. Her life experiences include fireman-carrying a (sedated) bear cub and catching a (cantankerous) wallaby.** **She also wishes to include a disclaimer that this all occurred while working in zoos and wildlife centers so as not to encourage this kind of behavior in the wild. She is currently an illustrator at NPR.