SILA Member Keith Batcheller has forwarded the information that the 2013 Air Force Gala is now on Tuesday, June 4 in Dayton, Ohio at the Wright Paterson AFB. Be sure to check your travel plans with this new date in mind. And, don’t forget to submit jpegs of your artwork to Ben Benson for review for the Air Force Presentation.

Keith just completed his painting “LIFTOFF”(40 x 24 oil on linen) which will be presented to the Air Force Art Collection at the June 4th event.


Keith says:

“In the summer of 1988 my family and I visited the Kennedy Space center in Florida. I had arranged with the air force to have them give me a tour and I was taken to many of the launch pads including Pad 39B where the Space Shuttle Discovery was getting ready for one of its 39 missions on Sept. 29th of that year. We went out to the wetlands that surround the pad and stopped by some dead trees that framed the Space Shuttle behind it. I was amazed at all the wildlife there. I particularly liked the Wood Storks. I watched them in flight and thought this would make a great painting some day. With the retirement of the Space Shuttle Program I thought that it was time so here it is! I love the contrast of showing these majestic birds in flight with one of mans great achievements.”